2005 Ages and Weights Chart

2005 New Registration Policy for Framingham Youth Football and Cheering
Cheerleading and Football
(Effective Immediately March 2005)

Due to the large number of children asking to sign up we are experiencing difficulty serving everyone fairly. Last season we had over 40 children who did not have a chance to participate. Last year we also had a challenging time collecting everyone’s paper work prior to practice beginning. As an organization our insurance carrier requires complete registration packets before our coverage is in force.

We need you help and cooperation this year. As you know, the total number of children allowed in our program is limited by league rules. Effective immediately, your place in the program will be guaranteed after you have provided FYF each of the following items before July 8, 2005.

1. Completed 2005 registration form signed by parent
2. Doctor’s note signed with date later than Jan 2005
3. Registration fee (Must be received with registration form)
4. Original birth certificate
5. Final report card (July 15, 2005)

If ALL these items are not provided to FYF prior to July 8, 2005 you’re your application is not complete and your child will then be placed on a waiting list. The next complete application on the waiting list will be placed on the final roster. This could mean that your child will no longer be guaranteed a place in the 2005 program. Please do not let this happen to you!

Reminders for the 2005 Season

1. ALL: August practice is very important for conditioning, for education on proper techniques and for the safety of each participant. If your child cannot make a minimum of 3out of the 4 weeks of practice session in August 2005 please do not register your child this season. We are aware that this is also vacation time for many families. We will try to accommodate families whenever we can, however, 3 out of 4 weeks of attendance is required by all cheerleaders and all football players.
2. Football: All football squads will be formed by age and by weight. The league requires that all players must attend a mandatory official weigh in prior to the season beginning. It is the only way the league can maintain fairness. Every football player must attend the September 10, 2005 weigh in. If you do not attend this weigh in you will not be eligible to play. Sorry no exceptions.
3. Cheerleading: This season the cheer squads at the A, B, and C levels will be competition squads and as such they will need to train harder to prepare for the competition events. As an organization we have had great success bringing teams to the competition, but please know it takes hard work and a commitment to your team. This is an exciting environment, but we have learned that some kids may not want to compete. We wanted to remind everyone what next season has in store for the A, B, and C cheer squads.

Remember, applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis after all sign up requirements have been met. Registration forms and more information can be found at www.framinghampopwarner.org . Forms are also available at the Park and Rec Office.

American Youth Football
Ages and Weights for
Football and Cheering Programs

Division Ages Certification Weight Range
Not applicable.
45-90 lbs.
Not applicable.
55-100 lbs.
55-80 lbs.
70-115 lbs.
70-95 lbs.
80-136 lbs.
80-116 lbs.
95-175 lbs.
95-155 lbs.
  • The older/lighter category applies to an older age participant that is lighter in weight.
  • A child’s age on July 31st is his or her age for the season eligibility.
  • A football player may gain 1 lb. per week after the 2nd week up to a maximum of 9 lbs. for the season.
  • All cheering programs follow the age guidelines above.
  • Weight guidelines do not apply to cheering programs.

Minimum Play Rule:

Number of Players

MPR Requirement